Monday, April 2, 2012

Some movie reviews for you...

I went to the movies a couple of times last week. I thought I'd let you know what I thought and wether or not you should check them out, and possibly if you'd even enjoy them at all :)

John Carter- the screenplay was based on the book A Princess of Mars. I really, really enjoyed this movie. It was pure fantasy with some steampunky sci-fi elements and REALLY cool costumes that seemed influenced by gladiators and egyptians. That being said, I have to say that this over all felt like a classic "B" movie with it's cheesy pet character (adorable and unnecessary) thrown in just for the kids in the audience as well as you can tell at some point Disney decided they weren't backing this 100% and this movie contains some of the cheapest looking greenscreen work since I don't even know when (I mean, if I can TELL it's greenscreen, it doesn't look real people! I would encourage you to go see it in the movies if you love sci-fi just to encourage the people who make movies to make more along this line, also I don't know that I've ever seen a "B" movie in the theatre before and it sure was fun! Also my girlfriend who went with me was seeing it for the second time and she says there's tons of stuff you miss on the first viewing that makes it worth a second shot.

Mirror Mirror- This is a refreshing take on the Snow White story for a  modern age. This sentence is exactly one that would normally make me want to vomit and probably never watch the movie, but it's true and I loved it! Even being the fairy tale "purest" in heart LOL. The dialogue is fantastic, Julia Roberts is SO GOOD at being WICKED!!! Snow White looks like Audrey Hepburn reincarnated and well, I do love Nathan Lane. He may be a bit underutilized, but if he was more in the movie you know he would have stolen it.
It is PG... but I don't recommend it for kids under 10. Or for kids who aren't fond of language. It's very wordy, not much in the animation department and there are enough jokes strictly for parents that you don't need to even have kids to go and enjoy yourself (that would be the department I'm in). I loved it all.... and the costumes took my breath away!

If you've seen, or go to see either of these ~ let me know what you think!


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