Saturday, April 14, 2012

Perfect People for a Non Perfect Task

The parents of my godchildren are coming today! They will come and help me go through Penny's room. Penny had various hobbies and she always had her own space... in every place we ever lived. There was always a room I didn't enter unless I was specifically invited.

I didn't think it was weird for a married couple to have this, no matter how many people said it was. I thought it made me awesome. Sometimes I wonder if I'd gone in there more often if I would have found out about Penny sooner. I mean really it's amazing to me what I thought I knew from before we got married to what it became all of a sudden.

The only thing I asked her for, was to share it all with me. It was her life, and to me the sharing was what you do when you are married.

The room is full. It's full of musical equipment, books, femme stuff like clothes, wigs, and who knows... there are cds in the hundreds and action figures and notebooks full of writing. So many notebooks.

Today was the first time it occurred to me that I might not be the only person this is going to be hard for. That it might be hard for my friends as well. It also occurred to me this is one of those things you can't thank people properly for. I just hope in some way the action of what we are doing is theraputic in nature and helps us all.

I'm thinking of you all!



  1. My heart goes out to you. My brother, sisters and I have recently been going through my mom's condo. It's bittersweet. You're fortunate to have good friends to help you with this.



  2. I'm sure it will dredge up a lot of positive and negative feelings, Aeify. Wishing you strength...

  3. It must be so hard on you, Aeify. Be strong and think of the good times.



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