Wednesday, April 18, 2012

New Friends!

I made a new friend yesterday. Her name is Jeri. She's tall and lovely. Dresses well and loves to pop the color (which is something I personally love!). We met and had dinner (I had two glasses of wine). It was incredibly lovely!!

We just gabbed and gabbed, I'm surprised either of us had a chance to eat we talked so much. We chatted away about clothes, shoes, our families and what we do for a living. It was FANTASTIC!

I hope she gets to Memphis again sometime. Meg is the one who got us in touch with one another. There were some ladies trying to meet in another area and Jeri mentioned she would be here, so Meg asked me if I'd like to meet her and vice versa, we exchanged emails and wound up having an awesome dinner! (And I didn't get weird and emotional and cry or anything, so I have references if you need any LOL but I did let my "bama" out a bit because we were discussing the South... I try to keep that way down inside most of the time).

Hugs everyone!

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