Thursday, March 17, 2011

Another good day together!

Penny and I usually share this as our one day off together per week, today we had the nicest day (mostly because at least I went to bed VERY early last night so I could function today). We even made it to a movie together (I liked it, Penny not so much but oh well). We went to see The Adjustment Bureau and SPOILER ALERT: it is a love story more than a crazy sci-fi government conspiracy like I thought it would be.  I actually got so touched I cried.

We were going to see Rango but as we got to the theatre, I remembered (seeing all the small kids) that it was Spring Break and we had already chosen The Adjustment Bureau as our second choice.

It was a lovely (warmer than I expected day) and we were both SO GLAD to spend some time in the sun! Hugs everyone...

The lady I am training right now is really doing a good job so fingers crossed they get trainee number two in soon because I really want to get that over with. It's exactly what I was doing this time last year, only it started December 1 of 2009 and I trained person after person until April 4th (none of them had done this well or cared this much though so I'm really happy about that).

Love to you all and thanks for all the lovely comments.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Do not be alarmed...

So I am really, really ashamed that I haven't been posting or blog-hopping more lately. It's not that I don't want to, I just have a lot going on with work, some of it exciting and ALL of it STRESS-FULL!! I haven't been promoted to the position I've been working really hard for, but I do get to do a lot or all of that job everyday with the positions I've held prior thrown in and to say I'd like to go crawl under a rock and change my own name is an understatement!!  They've been "working" on hiring a couple of people for quite a while and now someone else just quit out of the blue. This really leaves us short- handed oh and to top things off, I am supposed to start training someone today and I have been summoned for jury duty starting tomorrow (or tomorrow is the first in a couple of steps anyway).

Penny and I have had a lot going on but none of it negative with one another. She's been having a rough time and though things are wonderful between us, my dear lover has had a really hard time of things in general. Finally things are on an upswing and I just don't think I should be more detailed than that. You girls know how that is right?
My hair is growning back really quickly (yay). I did like the cut but now it's at an awkward weird short Princess Di stage and I'd rather that be over soon.

Hugs everyone!