Monday, April 16, 2012

New Possibilites

If you have met others in the cd/tg community, how do you decide who is "safe" to meet? Have you ever decided to meet someone then all of a sudden have your spidey senses kick in and tell you it might not be the best idea?

When Penny was around, I simply trusted her judgement. Anyone she talked about wanting to meet is automatically on my ok to meet with list. I have the opportunity to meet someone who contacted me after her death and am not exactly sure if now that the time is here that I am 100% comfortable. I have agreed to do it, and am putting safety precautions in place. There has just been a bit of oddness between the first phone calls and more recent ones that has my sense of danger flared.

Right now I have a meeting in public with my own transportation planned. I can't see that anything might go wrong, but I'm sure there might be a flaw here somewhere.

It could be nothing, but I'm trying to trust my instincts more these days as they don't normally let me down if I give in to them...


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  1. I guess there's always a risk. It sounds like you're taking reasonable precautions. But then I speak as someone who flew 6000 miles to meet someone I only knew over the internet (and hadn't even seen a photo of them, it was before digital cameras or personal scanners were common!) and ended up married to them for 14 years. Only the horror stories and success stories get publicity, you never hear about the vast number of "ho hum" meetings.

    That said - as you've met me, if you think I might know (of) this person, drop me an email and I'll give you the benefit of my instinct. :)


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