Sunday, June 26, 2011


So I had a friend forward me a link to a hilarious blog which I think anyone who views life from any angle of the female mind (or maybe even the male mind) would find hilarious. It's The Bloggess. If you think that post is amusing, I think you should click the link at the top to her "sex" column in the ol sex mag: Sexis. Roflol.
I hope this brings you some entertainment. I seriously needed the laugh when I got the link emailed to me.

Life has been spinning lately. And by that, I do NOT mean I have taken up exercise although my poor bloated frame wishes that were so. Work has gotten busy to the point of ridiculous, so much so that they hired someone else to work where I normally work. (Which is typically a one person job).  I got all of about three hours total after working with her for three days because I had to help in other areas of the hospital. She did well enough apparently to get a "well deserved" week off.  (Because after being told she was hired to work afternoons and weekends they scheduled her off for a week-go figure.)

Oh well, I did get to see my lover a little this week although I really wanted about four days of time to just be together and cuddle, but I take what I can get.

Today when I got off work I got one of the sweetest phone calls in the world. The call to let me know I am loved, and it was sorely needed. I've reached the point in the month where no amount of salty or sweet foods make me feel good, and I feel like a slugmonster for just trying to eat the amount of food I've consumed today. But this too shall pass and hopefully tomorrow I can do something constructive. Today I finished up some crafty swap things I need to mail out tomorrow. I also finally picked up a petsitting gig close to work for July 4th weekend, thank goodness. I was hoping to have something else to do to make me drive 20 miles from home and just feed and clean for an hour. I really like the petsitting thing and these are outdoor pets so they are SUPER easy (and sweet).

Things indeed are looking up, now if I can maintain sanity and abstain from violent/bitchy outbursts tomorrow I'll be ok.


Monday, June 13, 2011

Movie with a message!

So last Thursday Penny and I went to see XMen First Class. And I think you would like this movie even if you're not a comic geek.
I am the more Xmeny of our duo and we both LOVED this movie! It has such a strong message of acceptance that was so overt and so loving that it transcended the genre of this movie (IMHO).  I strongly encourage you to go see this movie right away, in fact see it a couple of times. It made me feel good and of course gave me a good cleansing cry. I am so happy to see filmmakers get their point of view across in a totally nonthreatening and non down your throat way. Lemme know if you feel the same way.
Hugs to you all!
Mutant and proud,

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Ok, so where have I been?

First of all, our vacation was AWESOME! We got to spend a ton of quality time together and Penny went out DRESSED in the DAYLIGHT! It was so cool! Second of all while we were on vaca, she tried on some shoes...some girl shoes in a store where I was also trying on shoes (AWESOME).
Then we got home and I have to admit I was a little down from the vacation high. We got some awesome time together and I always miss her after we have several days together and then get back to our normal routine which is basically spend time together one night per week.
Also, it was getting close to my birthday and well, I went up into another checkbox area (lol) and so that was exciting.

But with the good there is also the bad. I know there are a lot of negative things to discover on the intranet, just like there is a lot of good, and until VERY recently, a lot of bad stuff was affecting my own personal relationship.

This is for anyone out there who is feeling bad about yourself!


Don't worry about what other people think.

Some people just hate. Out of jealousy or ignorance, and there is nothing to be learned from them.  It's the exact kind of hate that people have for other races or socioeconomic groups of people.
And it's ignorant.

I've had a lot of personal soul searching I've been doing myself. I like some of you miss Penny's blog and I've had a hard time with her withdrawal from the blogosphere.  I kept thinking it wouldn't/ shouldn't affect me but it did.

I quit hanging out on the message boards because I felt I got what I needed from the other wives and hurt some people a little I think (I didn't mean to, everything I said was meant out of LOVE, I swear).  Maybe I'm not as sensitive as I need to be, and maybe I am way more masculine than I want...

I have been doing some things I love. I have been creating some beautiful crafty things which is what I LOVE doing so that's cool. I'm going to try and catch up on reading my lovely cd/ts/and spouse blogs that I love. I'm sorry I was absent, but I'm still here and I still wish I could give you all a big hug!