Thursday, September 16, 2010

The rise and fall of hemlines.

I know I have mentioned before, but I really want you to know just how important this forum is for me. I know that in the beginning, I didn't exactly know where all this was heading and that we went from occasional recreational "undie" enjoyment together to Penny dressing when I wasn't home (her comfort level, not mine...just want everyone to understand that I have never been uncomfortable around the dressing). To really just recently "full" presentation with makeup and chicken cutlets. You don't have to join that forum, I just want to make sure that if you don't have a support group set up, they are there (I'll be your friend!)

I have a small sample of blogs (I know most of you came here by way of Penny's and I thank you for that). I am constantly sampling more and adding... in case you wanna know other places to hang. I think the community involvement is very important. I didn't know that cders go through what seems to be an accelerated "teenage" stage. That's really NOT the best name for it, but us ciswomen have years of public disgrace days where we show the world our bad hair and makeup (not to mention clothing) choices, and we grow and learn with our community of cisgirls and women around advising and "helping" us out.

People NEED the advice and support of others. No one is born knowing what shade of eyeshadow may or may not work for them or what skirt is too short to be considered "appropriate" (seriously, have you seen any of those teeny tiny things the teens are wearing now, sheesh). I am just so very grateful that in these cyber days we have now, we can reach out and touch the lives of others. I love the fact that anyone can create an anonymous email and otherwise "web persona" in order to reach their trans-siblings anywhere. I love that blogs are free and easy to put up and that people are willing to share stories and instructionals and even to establish friendships with people they would otherwise never connect with.

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