Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Panties and bra...

So I have already stated that the beginning of my own journey with a crossdressing partner started with the sharing of a sexual fantasy of MINE. What I didn't know in the beginning is that this was not a purely sexual thing.

For me, it was. And was for years and years.

Even though we have had the internet for most of our married life (just a while in the beginning when it wasn't really weird for people to still not have it really), I had never once looked up crossdressing, transvestite, or anything to do with those subjects.

I happily and freely admit that it still turns me on. I don't remember exactly when we took the first step beyond lingerie. I know they were my clothes (we used to wear the same size, but now Penny is much slimmer than me). I don't even remember what they were. I know we have shockingly only moved on to full dress with makeup recently.

I know that the day I suggested "chicken cutlets" was a major deal and that even though I could tell she wanted them to fill out the bra cups, she still had to take some time to think about them before she agreed they were a good idea.

All that being said, I can't tell you how wonderful it is to have Penny relaxed and comfortable beside me. I love when she is around because I know that too much time without her and the stress and worry affect our relationship as well as her ability to sleep (Penny is an insomniac).  I worry about everyone out there who's partner is unaccepting. I worry how this affects their day to day life and how much better not only their life and relationship would be if they were allowed to fully be themselves with the person they have chosen as their life partner. I know Penny would only be a shell of her true self and honestly, I don't think I could take it, knowing this side of things. I don't know if she could either.


  1. Your insights are right on target.

    Dressing as a means of addressing stress is a big issue for me and, from what I have learned, for many others as well. The level of relaxation of just hanging around the house while dressed is, for me, a good way to deal with all of the pressures that afflict me in everyday life. The ability to be fully relaxed and accepted for who you are, warts and all, is a great gift that you give to Penny.


  2. Yeah! What Pat said! Penny is very fortunate to have found you.

  3. There are plenty of T-girls to be found on the net. A thoughtful and insightful, supportive blog from an understanding and accepting wife is a gem indeed. Keep up the good work.

  4. I second Pat on that one! Your blog is an oasis-and a source of hope( and clarity) for those of us who'd someday like to share our gift with our wives or partners.


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