Saturday, September 18, 2010

Considering Barest Compromise

I have been thinking a lot about shaving lately (again). I am still shocked and amazed that anyone would get terribly upset because their spouse shaved their body hair (yes, they do...really) I have been trying and trying to get someone to explain this to me in a way I could understand and perusing blogs to find out more.

If a person want to shave, by golly, they should be allowed to shave. I never deterred from plucking my sad monobrow (thanks mom) into two proper brows even when Penny used to tell me to just leave it alone and quit worrying about it (when we were first married, but in her defense, she really loves me just as I am... one eyebrow or two). I rip out my moustache every time I can see it and I usually have to get her to pull the muslin strip off of side number two because I'm a wuss! I shave when I feel stubble or when the stubble gets visible so at minimum a couple of times per week anyway. 

These things are for ME! I hope that Penny enjoys them as well. I hope she appreciates the fact that I don't just wander around like a hairy monster with only one eyebrow and a giant hairy mustache, but I don't even think about it as being for her. I do these things so that I can be happy with me. 

I look around at photos on the net and see the lovely smooth legs and read the glowing praises of stockings over freshly shaven skin and I can truly appreciate that sentiment. I will never be able to accept and understand someone who would dictate personal grooming to their spouse.

So you wanted a manly man, does he have to feel like a grizzly bear...really??? Why do you get to decide. If you want hairy, grow your own hair out. You don't have to walk around with it, why should your SO.

I keep re-reading the Tri-Ess bill of rights. Number 5 gives the right to a husband's masculine body. Cyclists, Body Builders, Swimmers and Bikers (bicycle riders) all shave their legs. These are thought of as "masculine" men. I believe this right is focused more on changes that could be brought about by the taking of hormones.

This being said, I agree completely with the Tri-Ess's honesty policy. You have to be totally upfront with your SO no matter what the consequences of that action. Everyone who keeps it a secret from their SO runs the risk of hurting, and the hurting is the most damaging to the relationship. Story after story from SO's are about the lies. The cheating done with the "other woman" who was in fact the person they loved, just a different part.

Think about it, have your SO write to me if she doesn't like that part of you. I love a good discussion. 


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