Sunday, September 12, 2010

How I've grown...

Wow, to look at myself a few months ago and think of all I knew of cding, transgender issues, etc....
It's kind of sad how ignorant I was, what with the internet here in my lap and all.
I had never even thought to look it up, accepting SO that I am. I bought clothing that was for "girls" and not so much for "women." I didn't really pry enough into what Penny wanted as her "aesthetic" or maybe she didn't know yet.
Her tastes have become very nice, mature and very nice, outfits that I'd wear myself if my waist were that small (good thing we don't wear the same size LOL).
Her makeup skills are becoming fierce and now we've really gotten into accessorizing. I just recently bought her some jewelry.

I didn't even think of it before. She didn't wear it in drab and had never brought it up. But I'm paying attention. Thanks to some other lovely ladies out there (yes L, thanks to you especially), I got to thinking that she may in fact like some jewels to go with her outfits.
I got her some gray pearls. A necklace that can be worn long or knotted for more interest and to make it shorter and a set of three pearl bracelets (they have different sized pearls) which can be worn together or seperate or layered with other bracelets.

She liked the bracelets the most. I know for a fact she really likes them because she has worn them repeatedly.

She also got more jewelry over Labor Day Weekend. She picked some awesome stuff and we did put a few things back but I was super impressed with her selections (I really liked them all and wouldn't have thought she'd go for all of them).

This proves to me that like myself, it's those little things that count so very much. The clothes she has picked out for me while we were together are my favorite ones. They make me feel beautiful even if I didn't before I put them on.

She gets me, I just hope I develop in "getting" her the same way. I want her to love everything I pick out for her as well.

Wishing you all someone who surprizes you with some small trinket of affection, you all deserve it.



  1. What a lovely and loving post.

    I love the sentiment "She gets me, I just hope I develop in 'getting' her the same way."

    It is a beautiful thought and one that is envied by many in any type of relaltionship but surely it is extra special in a gender gifted relationship like yours.


  2. I'm not very blingy, but I do find some modest jewelry can be a confirmation of my inner gender, and a reminder that at times my wife "gets" me.

    Lovely and loving post...


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