Saturday, September 18, 2010

It's U-nonymous!

I love the world wide web, internet, interweb...whatever you call it. I first came to messageboards by way of my hobby, which is scrapbooking. It has been very sorely neglected lately. I have kind of a one track mind and since becoming more and more interested over at I've been less creative with paper and scissors. I've been really introspective as of late, and also really disappointed that I didn't reach some personal crafty goals that I set for myself this year. Ok, that being said, Penny is AMAZED by how much more "techie" I have become since starting my creative hobby. 

Playing with paper and scissors and adhesive (when you're as serious as I am you can't just use "glue" LOL) has opened up a whole new world for me and I am so in love! Penny tried for years to get me to be more "interactive" with the whole online thing and now, years later I am. It may have taken me forever, but it's "on like Donkey Kong" now!

My favorite thing about the web and mbs and blogs is that you can be as anonymous as you like. Very few in this particular community are ready to have everyone know the names on their birth certificates and loads are in the "closet" to not only their friends, but to some even their families (you know how I feel about the SO thing and if you don't you need to read more of my posts, but the sooner your partner knows, the better for many reasons!!!) don't know. Penny has only recently come out to our closest friends and they have been amazing about the whole thing! 

A. Perfect is my online persona that reflects who I am as far as Penny is concerned. We share the last name because we are in fact legally married, and I wanted to keep that ol as well. The A. stands for Aeify (pronounced Eye-feye) and is the respelling of an Irish Faerie name that I plucked out of a book many, many years ago and is special to me. The name I have chosen for myself online represents how I see myself with my mind's eye and may or may not reflect what anyone else sees while looking at me.

I think that is how we all choose our anonymous online "names".  I love that google, yahoo, hotmail, and a bucketload of other sites have free available emails for you to be able to have a way for people to contact you that you may not want showing up on your cell or home phone. I love google chat. (ok, I really really love google) and want to let you know that if you see me online, you are more than welcome to chat with me anytime! If you ever just want someone to talk to you can email me...I am a freak and check email all the time, I will usually write you back the same day (unless you email after I'm asleep, this email thing is a first thing in the morning, right before I sleep thing for me...yes I'm a freak).

I think everyone should feel free to have an email linked to their google friend connect or some way for people who want to get to know you better to connect. You never have to keep a password stored in a computer of any kind. My aperfectluv is not. No one has access to it but me and I sign in and out every single time. It's very liberating. I can comment on all of your blogs and email you and it's much less scary than thinking that I could "out" someone just because a friend of mine see's you as my "friend".  Only our couple of accepting and in-the-know friends even know our online personas. They check our blogs to check up on us even though we talk frequently. 

If you don't have an email for your femme self, I encourage you to get one. Have a blast with your online persona. Nobody gets to know who you are offline unless you decide to invite them out. That's how we made our friend R from I wouldn't trade her for anything, but I love each and every ol only friend too! 

Oh yes, you are more than welcome to comment and Anonymous here, but I would encourage you to at least let yourself be free here on the good old www.  It's as good as hiding in plain site. Trust me, no one will know. (As long as you remember to sign out when you're done.)



  1. Thanks for the invite Aeify! I couldn't agree more that a huge part of the joy of blogging is receiving comments. As I wrote in a recent post, I already know what I think; it is fun to find out what you think!

    Thanks for letting us know how you feel too!


  2. Hi Aeify,
    Your ideas about Internet, blogs and mailing go strait to my heart. For me chances are growing but still limited to come out as someone who likes to femulate more than anything else his life. So a great part of my femme time is safely spent writing and reading on the net. I like to absorb all kinds of information on transgender issues but indeed personal contacts with like-minded friends are most rewarding, to me at least and so far. Thank you, Aeify for the invitation to comment and to reach out.
    It is really special to witness you and Penny blogging alongside each other.
    Be healthy and safe.

  3. Hi Aeify,
    Lovely name BTW, best of luck to P for the stop smoking effort. Hope you're not suffering from her cold turkey!


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