Friday, July 6, 2012

Celebrating A New Girl Experience

Ok, so I know you are all about having girl experiences, and I'm wondering how many of you have considered...

Let me step back. You may or may not know there is a stripper movie out right now. It's a movie about male strippers. And you may or may not know anything about the frenzy these dancers supposedly whip the audience up to.

I have never seen strippers perform in real life... not male or female strippers. I have now been to see this movie, Magic Mike twice. Once with a girlfriend who doesn't like to be a part of a large crowd, and once with a crowd that totaled five ladies from where I work. Both times I had a similar experience.

When the male dancers were on stage and the ladies on the screen were screaming and yelling, quite a few of the ladies in the audience did the exact same thing. It has to be something about all that estrogen being in a confined area, it's unlike any actual situation I've been in before. The term mass hysteria comes to mind. And I too, screamed and made catcalls. It was like I couldn't not do it. None of those men were anything I'd actually want to go out with, but for some reason, the gyrating, the lights the music and the female frenzy was too much to resist.

And it was a lot of fun.

And there is a brief moment of Tatum Channing in a dress, no facial hair (in fact, they are missing a lot of the hair that I'm often reading that "wives would miss" if their spouse chose to shave it off for their cding).

Hope everyone who celebrates the 4th of July had a happy one.


(If anyone goes while femulating... PLEASE let me know how it is for you!)

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