Sunday, July 29, 2012

Surprise Adventure Part II


So there were a couple of things I really wanted to accomplish while I was in the DC area:

Visit with Meg
Check out the area by paying more attention (my trip in December is kind of a blur now)
Ride public transportation (I was born and raised in the south, we don't do that here)
Visit the Smithsonian (and by this I mean the Museum of American History)
Hopefully see Batman: The Dark Knight Rises before it gets spoiled for me

Lucky me, I got to do all that.

The house where Meg is staying is HUGE. I could have slept in a different room every night I was there but it would have been mean to have her do so much laundry, so I confined myself to the one room. I did consent to "help" with her makeup while I am there. I have small hooded eyelids and it is a TON of FUN for me to be able to try out looks on someone with actual lids :). I have also recently gotten a new eyeshadow pallette (the Urban Decay Vegan pallette). I needed some good neutral colors for summertime an I hadn't gotten anything new in the makeup department for WAY too long.

I'm so sorry I didn't take a closeup of these eyes... they were nice. My favorites were the eyes I did on Sunday... but I used brown with an accent of the blue for a nice pop of color. I did a very similar thing to my eyes, but because Meg's are larger the effect was so much nicer on hers.

The dresses we wore (oh, did I mention I brought Meg a dress?) had beaded necklines and I chose to go sans necklace, but I had brought one that looked fab with the dress. Meg was looking for accessories so I put my necklace on her. It looked lovely.

We drove over to a mall and then walked on over to the Metro (station?). This whole ride the Metro thing was so alien to me. But it wasn't nearly as complicated as I had thought it might be (I took a trip to Chicago in 2006, I wanted to ride the train but skipped it as I was afraid it would be way to complex to figure out...). I could get used to public transportation as easy as that!

From the Metro to the Smithsonian...

So this is me, at the museum... yes I am carrying possibly the ugliest handbag in the world but it was also very practical.

I forgot to ask for a copy of the photo of us matching in our dresses. (So can I get a copy of that Meg?) That dress is VERY comfortable and I love how the hemline goes up a bit on each side like a shirt. I am also embarrassed to report that I got a massive blister on one of my feet as we walked around this day. I was ashamed... it just means I need to pull my cute shoes out more than once a year! 

One of the things I enjoyed most while we were at this museum was the exhibit of gowns worn by first ladies, it's so fun to talk about the different fashion styles and what we liked or didn't like about each gown.... heavy sigh, I love clothes.

After we left here we headed over to the Air and Space Museum... and I had my photo taken with a famous Gemini.

Not long after this photo we had a very worthwhile wait to see Batman. All I am going to say is I LOVED the movie and I thought it a fitting end to the Christopher Nolan directed Batman Trilogy. I am also THRILLED that I got to see it in IMAX (the movie was shot mostly in IMAX). It is the first "regular" movie I have ever seen in this format.

As far as wearing matching dresses. It was fun! We got a lot of smiles, several comments and a very special grin from an older gentleman in front of a good humor truck (that part made it particularly memorable to me) as we walked out of the American History Museum. If you don't mind the comments and attention, I vote give it a try. Vacationing families and groups wear matching shirts, why not step it up with some nicer clothing. At least if we'd gotten separated and were trying to find one another it would have been super easy to describe what we had on (she's wearing this dress).

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  1. I am glad that you were able to accomplish most of the goals that you had set for your visit. Meg is great at planning and logistics.

    I really like the idea of matching dresses. One of the items on my bucket list would be a day out with my wife while we are dressed as 'twins' in similar dresses.



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