Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Surprise Adventure IV


Original plans for Sunday had included the possibility of going to church with Meg. I was looking forward to checking out the UU church as I have never been to one of those (I am a southern girl born and raised... and it might shock you to know that I was raised as a Southern Baptist). After all the playing dress up to judge clothing for Meg and watching of the awesome videos together I once again slept later into the morning than I had planned, and as we weren't really on a set schedule (except for the clothing swap) neither of us was fussed about it.
Meg's eyes and one of my current favorite eye looks... looks better on her because she has bigger lids than I do. Here's the tutorial I used (I used purples instead of blues).

I do NOT own the expensive cream shadow that she uses as a base, I just used primer and shadows for the look above.

After getting dressed (and let me say I LOVED today's makeup!!!), we loaded the car and went to the clothing swap. That was FUN! It was great meeting people, it was great browsing, but the most fun was watching those ladies swapping.
Meg as the "official" swap photographer!

Ladies swapping... early into the swap.

I think my favorite thing about the swap was watching ladies who came in a while after the swap had gotten started. When the new stuff came in, ladies who had already been there for a while rushed over to paw through the new things kind of like vultures. It was HIGHLY entertaining. I talked to several people (which although I don't think most people think of me as shy, it takes me a while to warm up and get comfortable in new situations so I can become the talkative person I am at heart). 

Meg is trying hard to pare down her impressive wardrobe (and I haven't even seen the whole thing, only bits and pieces). I however scored a lovely burnout gypsy style scarf with some impressive fringe (you know the square kind that some really cool people might also use as a table topper). And a LOVELY turquoise colored shell bracelet that looked oh so FABULOUS with the dress I had worn to the swap. I didn't see any clothes that I loved or I wouldn't have been shy about those... I did look. 

After the swap we had a lovely afternoon in Old Town which I'll tell you all about tomorrow.

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