Monday, July 30, 2012

Surprise Adventure Part III

Saturday morning I woke up... and it was chilly. This was so VERY awkward. It was chilly and overcast and rainy. My right foot had a blister the size of and ipod nano 5th gen. And we had planned to go to the Fringe Festival. After a short discussion on the state of my paw and the weather, it was decided that we'd just hang out and watch some videos and also that I would get to aid in judging some clothing.

THIS is something that I was looking forward to. In my previous incarnations of employment (or my non-scrub wearing jobs), I was a bit of a clothing hoarder... and I still love clothes, I just hardly ever have an opportunity to wear what I call "real clothes" so I have pitifully few of them. (In fact, I bought clothes to take on my trip partially so I'd have enough items to wear... LOL.)

We went through a LOT of clothes. And some I wouldn't even let Meg try on, I deemed them "HORRIBLE" and out they went. But loads more got tried on, some had to go through "testing" to see if they were acceptable for actual wearing out, some things didn't fit, and some were quite lovely. I could have been clothing judge for quite some time. But eventually it got later and we discussed plans for the next day. It was to be the day of the clothing swap and I was excited, it meant meeting new people and clothes (LOL) and we decided we'd go to Old Town to look around.

As an afternoon snack, Meg shared some cookies with me that I am now wishing I could find somewhere around here. But alas, they are from Canada.

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