Thursday, July 26, 2012

Surprise Adventure...

I've been holding out on you all. Please don't be upset. The last time I planned an adventure, it was a bust. I was all set to go to Chicago in February (I think it was February... it's been so long ago LOL). I was all set to go and the weather decided at the very last hour, it was NOT to be. (I had actually driven 3 hours to an airport that was a bundle cheaper than my own airport ... and when I got to the gate, my flight was cancelled. Long story short that trip is still on hold/cancelled.)
So when I started planning another trip, I didn't want to jinx it.

I went to visit Meg for a few days.

I still can't believe how much fun I had.

I got off work a bit early on Wednesday evening and drove to stay with some friends in Birmingham. I almost had a nervous breakdown trying to finish up some last minute things on Thursday on someone else's schedule, my flight was delayed, then delayed again... and then it finally departed.

I LOVE FLYING. I haven't done it a ton, but I really like it. I relaxed enough on this flight to start a movie I brought with me. (Bridesmaids... total raunchy chick flick... I HIGHLY recommend it!) When we were still about 20 minutes from landing I noticed a flash and got to watch lightening from the plane. It was so lovely it took my breath away.

When we landed on the runway they shuttled us to the actual airport and the floodgates in the skies opened up. As I entered the airport there was announcement after announcement that flights were being cancelled.

I calmly found my way to the rental car place, and by the time I got to my rental car, the rain had calmed down. I set the address on my little iphone app and drove to Meg's (I only got lost twice, which I think is pretty good.)

She met me at the door wearing a lovely long sleeved paisley pink/sherbert/white print georgette top and a lovely flouncy skirt that was a solid pinky color that went lovely with the top. Her makeup was lovely and I was impressed she looked so fresh as I was getting there rather later than planned.  I felt tired and frumpy even though I had worn a super comfy dress made of black jersey material. I wish I had a pic of that dress to share... I have a coworker who wore the same dress when we went to see Magic Mike and I was thrilled to find one for myself. It's kind of a perfect summer lbd. I'll wear it again sometime and get a pic for you :).

This marked the first evening of girltalk keeping us up later than either of us intended... LOL but what 'cha gonna do?

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  1. I am glad that you went to spend time with Meg. It is important to us that there are people out there who care.
    I hope things are well with you. I do look forward to further details from both you and Meg about the weekend events.


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