Tuesday, August 24, 2010

There are panties...

I just want to get some stuff out there. Just see it in black and white. I know talking helps and I know writing helps. So blogging can certainly help. If you are with me on this journey at any phase, jump in and help me out. I'm going to try to just be myself which is pretty brash and honest with not a lot of stopping to think before speaking (most of the time). Time can do a marvelous job on opinions as well as memories, changing them for the better or vice versa. Enough rambling, here goes...

In the beginning there were panties. That's what we started out with, but really the story goes back farther than that. To a night when we were young and in love, (we still are!) but not yet bonded by the union of marriage. We were two lovers sitting on a porch, anticipating our first "full weekend together" at the same house. 

We were sharing sexual fantasies and it was my turn...
I was so scared. I'd had the same fantasy since the age of 14 and I saw Rocky Horror Picture Show for the very first time. I wanted a man in drag... I wanted Frankenfurter, I wanted an experience with a man dressed just like I was...super sexy and ready for loving!

Can you believe it? I had kept it a secret. So then I just said it out loud (or as I recall in a kind of timid voice...) I want you to wear women's lingerie for me. 

That's where it started, my journey into the world of loving a crossdresser. It wasn't really as simple as that, but that is in fact our beginning.

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