Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Am I bi?

Not meant to be an insult to anyone who considers themselves bi. I just don't think I am. My spouse loves to make the point that if he is fully presenting in femme and the only way I can  "see" that he is a HE is to see "it" then I must necessarily be bisexual in nature.

My argument is that while I can appreciate and feel attracted to the same sex, that because I don't want to bed a woman as a woman, then I am not bisexual... as for the sex part I require the male "member." ;)

I have presented this argument to both another friend whom I only know in femme, R (super duper fantastic "ladies who lunch lovely") and my best friend AB (because I am A LOL). The funny thing is, only spouse P thinks this makes me bi.

My other friends argue that because I KNOW there is a member there waiting for me and therefore know she is really a he that I am not bi.

Anyone else wanna weigh in?

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  1. I don't think you are bisexual. But then, the label might not really matter. We don't actually say, for instance, "I am homosexual, therefore I shall be attracted only to people who are the same sex as I am." Rather, we are attracted to whomever attracts us, and then if we want a label, it comes from that.

    Maybe there needs to be a word for a woman who is attracted to a cross-dressing man. But I don't think the word is "bisexual." :)


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