Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Lest ye think.

So this isn't just going to be a sappy blog about how wonderful my love life is, there is also some stuff I am trying to work out.
"We" have recently taken our sharing o the cding to a new level in that we joined a fantastic online community that is for everyone cd/ts/tg both mtf and ftm  AND their Significant Others (SOs) be we spouses or otherwise. The community is wonderful and SO very helpful. With advice to get as well as give and not only are their public forums for everyone, but there are private forums for groups as well. I was very excited to join and then fill the requirements to join the genetic girl (GG) forum that is completely private. I'm not going to share details on that here, because it's private and I promised not to, but I will say that if you or your SO is looking for a place that will be both supportive, and helpful to you both...just go right over to and join! Don't think that everyone is just going to agree with you when I say supportive, we are there to say what has and has not worked for us and just help you out with real world stuff.
It has been fantastic for me to learn that all my anxiety over fretting about my own looks (wow, I really am vain, and I hate it but I guess it's true!) and the fact that I feel like one day P will just leave me so far behind when dressed is (gasp) normal. It is just my own stupid crap. P, in fact, does really think I am still beautiful and sexy. Even when she's dressed and I am just normal (I don't usually wear makup.... kind of sad huh). And even though it is MY OWN PERCEPTION that she will judge me with the same harsh criticism that I judge myself with when I am primping, she doesn't. She has a "blind" love for me. Blind and unconditional and loves me JUST THE WAY I AM. Just like I love her. But it's still nice to know that someone else out there feels bad, like I do. That other people have a hard time thinking about...whatever. And some people are fortunate enough to have worked through some of this already with their partner and some haven't, but YAY... there are other out there going through the same thing and others to TALK TO!

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