Monday, March 5, 2012

Beware the Ides of March!

Every year when March approaches I remember the warning from the play. I saw Julius Caesar at the Alabama Shakespeare Festival when I was in the 9th grade. I went back every year for one play or another (and good dates when I could get them LOL) because it is such a wonderful place to go and the productions are really top notch (or they are in my opinion and that is what counts, right?).

I know we aren't quite to the ides, but this year seems to be flying by... wasn't it just January? I'm not sitting at home feeling sorry for myself, I'm LIVING! I've talked to some of you in private and have loved all of the support you've given me. You will never know how the smallest word has made me feel supported by you all! I so hope one day soon to have even more happy news to share with you all. Right now my happy news is that I am happy.

I loved Penny, both sides of her personality. I also love myself. I know that many of you have said that my story must have been too good to be true.

I took some time to reread my blog. Nope, every word is true. I wrote down exactly what I felt when I felt it. But there of course is another side to the story. Nothing to do with trans issues, but to do with our marriage. It wasn't all fun and games, and we had regular problems just like every other couple. We fought about mundane things and one of us was the "giver" in the relationship and one was the "taker."

Not even our relatives knew when we were having problems, so please don't think I regulated only the fluffy stuff for the blog. There is a post where I talk about how horrible I am...

But know this, I know that what Penny did had NOTHING to do with me or our marriage. As most couples do, we had the talk many times about what our plans were if something bad should happen to one of us, and I'm doing exactly what Penny wanted... I am living my life exactly as I want to. She often wondered if her introversion kept me from doing things, and it didn't. But now I don't have to worry about it at all.

I am a bit of an extrovert, but not extreme. I love to go outside and I love to play board and card games and that always works better with a few people. I don't need loud parties or a ton of people. One or two work wonders. I don't like to be alone all the time so I'm not. And I don't plan to be.

I went to Paint a Piece yesterday between work shifts and had a great time with a girlfriend. Saturday was an all day trip to and from a funeral out of town (but not someone close to me, it was someone close to my very good friends). Friday was extra fun because I had a bonus thing... I went to Moe's with my friends from work and while I was there, a girlfriend called, she had been stood up by another girlfriend of hers so she asked me to come have margaritas with her... how could I resist?

Hugs everyone!

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  1. Hugs back at ya! I should take lessons from you on living life to the fullest.


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