Thursday, March 22, 2012

SO, what's going on...

Many times I get a post prepared and just can't finish it. I want to have more to say to you all, but feel like a fraud. I don't have as much going on in the T-world. I don't really know anyone personally in my area and my own T-girl is gone. I have my special relationships with a few of you lovely ladies out there, but you aren't close enough here for me to drive over and spend time with. And so I wonder why anyone continues to read.

I will tell you that I hope to have lots more T adventures in the future. And if all goes as planned, it won't be from Memphis. I have been working on another blog lately. Well, I have two more, but one is for therapy.

I was having some trouble at work, just one day every two weeks, but it was bad and I didn't know what to do so I told my grief therapist. She suggested that I take time to really concentrate on my grief more. Her suggestion proved too much for me. So I decided instead of spending a ton of time on "feeling my grief" at once, I'd visit it every day. This has proved to be an awesome experience. It's also one I haven't really shared with more than a couple of people. Now I'm telling all of you. There is one really special friend who reads it every single day. I don't really understand why anyone would want to. I've had another friend or two I've told about it who wanted the blog addy. I give it to anyone who asks, but tell them it's hard to read. It's hard to write, but it feels great when it's over...

I am moving upwards and onwards. Just like I want to. It is a process, but life is a process, becoming who and what you are meant to be is a process.

The journey is awesome. Not always good awesome, but always awesome.

Hugs everyone!


  1. It is hard to read. I've loved and hated every word.

  2. Please do not think you are a fraud because you are not that kind of a woman!
    We’ve never met irl and probably never will (and that makes me kinds of sad) but I do think you are a buddy.
    Now, everybody needs someone to lean on and you really are like such a someone, no matter what.
    Love to you.


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