Tuesday, March 13, 2012

What about PFX?

So I went to B'ham and had a great time... slept way too little (as per usual). I had a surprise waiting on me when I got there... I knew my friend was getting tickets to see the Pink Floyd Experience from his wife for his bday. But what I didn't know, was that when he found out the concert was going to be when I was in Birmingham, they went and got a third ticket, for me! He had gone with Penny (um, in drab of course, because "Penny" hadn't been fully realized at the time) to see actual Pink Floyd when we were all still in college, the last time they toured. Pink Floyd Experience was doing the entire Wish You Were Here album as part of their set... the first part. I was nervous about going, but I accepted that this must be supposed to happen. My therapist said I needed to grieve more and well, I knew that I would sob listening to that album. They did the entire album as the first part of the show. Nothing else they played really upset me. (I think I did shed a few tears during Comfortably Numb...)

They did something that surprised me. There was quite a long intermission between the first part of the show and the second. I found myself wishing that they would do what I have forever called the "silly scream song" but that was mostly to irritate my spouse in a loving manner. I know the name of the song is Astronomy Domine. Penny was fascinated by Syd Barrett and obsessed over every nuance and song lyric... I was so glad that one of his songs was included in the "experience".

I played Fluxx and Monty Python Fluxx which I would love to add to my collection... if you love games then give some version of Fluxx a chance, or send me your birthdate and address so I can send you one :)

I got to visit with almost my whole immediate family thanks to them all being centrally located and willing to all meet for lunch after church. (LOL)

I know this is kind of boring, but hey... it's my life. :)

And those of you reading, at least some of you do want to know. I'm looking for more new things in my future. Hugs everyone...

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