Friday, March 9, 2012

Bama Bound :)

I know, I 've been going to Alabama a whole lot... really not as much as in years past, but still... it's a lot with the price of gas today and the fact that I am now a single-income household. But this is probably going to be my last trip for a while.
My dear late Penny, God rest her soul, and I kept a few friends from college. One of them just recently turned 40 (the weekend I was supposed to be in Chicago). So I am going to visit and give him a hard time (lol). And see my grandkids (his boys call me Gramma, which I am totally cool with).

My first big home issue came up this week. My AC quit working (I live in the South, remember). So I have a repairman here now trying to fix it. My choice was a repair that might last a while or replace all of the upstairs bits. The second part was not even an option for me at this time.

I can't wait to get to B'ham. I want to see my AL peeps. I want them to see what I am becoming. Some of my friends have told me it is good to talk to me on the phone, that I am more the me I was in college... the out loud version of myself. It feels really good! I had forgotten there were people who knew me before I was a couple.


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