Monday, October 4, 2010

The Sexy Side of it...

I experience crossdressing from such a unique perspective. It is very exciting to me the steps that Penny has taken, especially over the last couple of years. When I originally found out she liked to wear women's things, I didn't even think ahead to where this may lead. I do encourage her every chance I get and enjoy this side of my spouse. I acknowledge that to Penny it's not a sexual thing and recently she told me that she knew for me that it was mostly sexual. I've been thinking about that.
It is SO TRUE that it is such a turn on for me. I like to think that I'm not all over her and trying to jump her bones everytime she dresses (now anyway). But also I have to think that even I sometimes do things that turn her on and they are unintentional. I come home, take off my outerwear and hang out in lingerie that is quite provocative. I don't know about you ladies, but I wear different underthings to accomplish different things. (I'll elaborate.) I have "work" undies. They are very functional (although they have pretty colors and patterns sometimes) but they stay put where they should and most importantly don't show thorough my scrubs.
Then I have some foundation type garments that need to be worn under specific things (but really I don't even bother so they're just taking up space right now, who knows when or if I'll ever be a bridesmaid again LOL). And then there are the pretty things. The things I wear for myself to feel good about myself and the things that I buy to entice Penny, although if I'm wearing them for the first reason and not the latter, it surprises me to this day when Penny is so turned on. I have to admit that it thrills me to pieces when it happens. So I am thinking this is something similar to how I feel when I see Penny.


  1. Your approach and attitude towards being married to a CD is both refreshing and so focused on love and understanding that all of us out here in blogville can appreciate the blessing that you are in Penny's life.
    It is so wonderful to follow your blog and to read about the mutual benefits of an understanding and loving woman being married to a CD.
    My wonderful bride of over 3 decades has an understanding that the CD component of who I am is one of the components that make our marriage so wonderful BUT she remains fearful of letting too much of the CD genie out of the bottle.

  2. I echo Pat on the observation of your refreshing attitude. As well, I expect many were nodding while reading that there are items of clothing (lingerie in this case) you wear in order to feel good about yourself. Of course, if it pleases you to wear an item, it is likely that Penny will find you attractive while wearing it.


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