Sunday, October 10, 2010

Reach out and touch someone...

Not claiming to be an expert here, but it seems that quite a few ladies out there have either no SO or an SO who doesn't know about/wishes your femme self didn't exist. Whomever you are, you are NOT ALONE. There are so many of you out there, and even if I haven't met you in person, my heart hangs heavy for you. If I have met you and you are my friend then I am so sad for you. Not that you are a sad person with a sad life... but that you feel stuck. Stuck in a place where you are afraid to leave the life you know for one that is unknown.
I am not advocating divorce here, but would just love to force all those confused/frustrated couples out there to talk, really talk and listen (yes even more than talk to one another, listen to what your partner has to say). I am not saying there won't be tough compromises, but I expect that far more of you would give into any whim of your partner far more than the partner will give in to be a part of your femme self.
Yes (I'm pretending to be Oprah and be every woman here) some women will have a hard time with the idea. They may even wonder other "things" like does this make me a lesbian? Do you still desire me even when you're in a dress? Where did you learn to apply your makeup so skillfully and wtf your eyelashes are to DIE FOR!!!

Anyway, just know that if you EVER need a shoulder, I will listen (or read your email). I give every question an honest answer (really, I feel at this point it's hard for me to say any of my answers apply to "typical" women because I'm apparently atypical.)



  1. Thank you for your tender heart, loving honesty and for being atypical.

    Sweet thoughts for you,

  2. That was a beautiful and heartwarming post. It is comforting to know that you are who you are and how generous a spirit you have.
    While everyone is different and we all find ourselves in different circumstances there is a form of strength in knowing that we are not alone.


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