Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween 2010!

Ok, so we had plans, and they were kind of vague: for Penny to go out of the house on Halloween. She did! In costume of course. She went as Death (possibly one of the coolest comic book characters ever IMHO.) I went out with her dressed as what I called the "sexy" version of the bride of Frankenstein. I wore clothes that while not slutty were forever more flattering than the shapless robe and some super sexy heels I had been confining to house wear only, along with garish makeup and a horrible cheap wig that I picked up in the seasonal department of Wal-Mart for just this occassion. (Let me tell you right now if you ever buy one of those super cheapo less than ten dollar wigs then do NOT expect it to look as cute as it does on the package, ok...)
Anyway so we are all dolled up and the first obstacle is getting from our door to the car past our neighbor and his friend. All went well there were laughs and comments about how good we looked. And then on to the movies. We were out driving around in our costumes in broad daylight!
We went to the movies and (ok, so I was the only one surprised by this0 WE WERE THE ONLY COSTUMED PEOPLE THERE. But still, it is Halloween so we just went in got our tickets, popcorn, drink and found our seats (we got there really early, but it allowed for a few photo ops of our amazing trip out. Nothing bad happened. It was a fantastic way to spend Halloween (or any night really).

The fact that Penny was with me was so special. I don't really know how to describe it and I'm not sure if we would describe it the same. I held her hand, talked and laughed the way we always do. It wasn't weird for me at all. In fact, it was wonderful! I was so happy and proud to see her out.  I feel like it was such a success! Hugs and love to all. I am so happy!!!


  1. I think you have stumbled upon a dark truth of our society. People who have bothered to put on a costume don't typically want to show it off in a dark movie theatre. Can't say I'm surprised no one else dressed for the movies.

    I hope Penny had as good a time as you did. That was a very big deal for her.

    Rock on, Aeify!

  2. What a great post. It is so wonderful that you let us share the pleasure that you and Penny have with such events. For me the dream of going out of the house with my wife either in costume or just dressed as a woman has been a goal of mine forever. It may never happen but it is affirming to read about you and Penny. I hope that Penny writes about the experience. She, like you, has a good way with words.

  3. Really delighted for both of you, and for all of us who can take greater hope that our partners might share more fully and more joyfully in our journey seeing your example.

    Onwards and upwards!


  4. Hi, new follower here! I just noticed yoru comment on Leslie Anne's blog, hit your profile and noticed that of all things, you were reading Outlander whenever you wrote it, which was a wild coincidence because I happen to be reading Outlander right now. Just a bit shy of half through, shortly after Jamie and Claire's marriage. Excellent read so far!

    Anyway, it sounds like you both had a great Halloween. You are definitely right about those Halloween grade wigs. A while back, me and one of my friend's tried to trim, bob and powder a Wal-Mart wig for another friend. (Desperate times call for desperate measures.) We put a lot of effort into it and ended up with one of the most hideous things I've ever seen. Good fun though!



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