Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Moving Right Along...

So I'm creating again, I'm going out, I'm having fun. I'm working. It's all good.
I think I've mentioned I started a big canvas project for my living room. I've never worked this scale before (36"square.) It's a massive piece and I got a little stuck when it was time for the lettering... I wanted to finish this weekend, but decided to wait a couple of days and try to borrow some cutting time from a friend who has access to more fonts than I do. If I can't reach someone today, I'll just use the fonts I have and be done! I already have an idea for a big canvas for another wall in my home and I just can't stand the not doing of it now that I have begun LOL! I STILL am having trouble with the upstairs portion of my home. It's not been any space I really spent a lot of time in for years and it seems pointless to be up there doing stuff when downstairs is nice and together.

I got ahold of another friend who is a super organizer and she's gonna help me with my scrap room. It's too chaotic in there right now, although I have been in and trying to work through it. There are random photos and things in there that get me all choked up and it's just really difficult for me to work in there alone. I have a trip to Chicago coming up that was sponsored by an old high school friend and I'm excited because snow is predicted while I'm there. It snowed here both after my sweet Penny passed and after my Kayla so I'm thinking if it snows while I'm there, it's a sign that I'm supposed to have fun and be happy and that it's the right thing for me to do.    

I wish you could all go with me!

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