Thursday, February 16, 2012

Back in the saddle again!

So I am seeing a therapist. I've only had a couple of visits, but she assures me I am acknowledging and working through my grief. She even suggested that whenever I am ready to stop going to see her, we only have to have one more session.

I am adjusting to living alone. I have started a running program (I know, I need to... I looked at my own photos LOL.)

I am creating again! I cannot tell you how awesome this is making me feel!

What's new with you all? Are you keeping your resolutions for 2012? Are you getting out there just in case the world ends in December?



  1. The living alone thing is a little weird, isn't it, No matter what the circumstances were that brought about the change. I'm realizing I still haven't fully adjusted, almost four years later.

    I am getting out there, and I haven't made any resolutions. :-D

  2. The not having to be quiet is weird, the telling people to come by anytime they want, you don't have to call first... asking people to come over so I have someone to talk to.... That's the weird for me :)

    I'm adjusting just fine I think.


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