Monday, December 20, 2010

I'm supposed to be sleeping now...

I'm tired but excited! I don't have to work tomorrow and I'm never off on a Tuesday. I traded days with a co-worker who was moving on my off day (Friday). I get to see Penny tomorrow night as she took it off for her holiday this week. I am so glad I get to spend time with my spouse before Christmas.
On a lighter note I got to go to the movies with R last week. We saw Burlesque and both loved it. She also surprised me with a sweet Christmas gift. I now own some MAC eyeshadow and I LOVE IT!!! She picked out some GREAT colors for me. I can't wait until I see her again so she can see what a great job she did!
I hope she likes her present as much, I didn't have it all ready when I saw her so I shipped it off. I'm pretty sure she'll love it though.
Penny got some new pj's this week. She needed some winter ones. Did I mention how far we've come this year?

I know I won't have time to post again before Christmas so I just want you all to know that I hope you have the happiest of holidays!

Big hugs from me!


  1. Loving the Mac eye products. Watch out, this is a comfort threshold that will be hard to abandon. :)

    Warm, wonderful holidays to you and P.

    xxoo - Petra

  2. Happy Holidays, Aeify and Penny!!

    Calie xxx


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