Saturday, December 11, 2010

December comes, another semester ends...

So as you may not know I take a class or two per semester (work will pay for one and we pick up the cost of another one if it looks like the work schedule will permit) to further my education and work towards certification as a Certified Veterinary Technician (animal nurse for my overseas friends... and because I like it better).
I began about 3 1/2 years ago as a receptionist in the animal hospital where I currently work and began in April working in the kennel which gives me lots more "hands-on" experience with our patients. This also means I spend large amounts of time cleaning, picking up poop, bathing, cleaning, washing clothes, cleaning, washing dishes, cleaning and running back and forth with animals on a leash/in a carrier.
This does not make for a good housekeeper at home. Penny is a jewel. She is so understanding and more than willing to pitch in to do my share of housework when I am studying or when I have had a particularly bad day at work.
I couldn't do it without her. I wouldn't want to.

These were my New Year's Resolutions for 2010:

1. Keep my dedicated time with P.
2. Continue to be creative.
3. Explore Digital Creativeness.
4. Study More
5. Exercise my physical body a minimum of three times per week.

The first two I nailed.
The last three, well I have done a few digital projects this year, but haven't given as much as needed to the study time and halfway through the year or when it got really hot I gave up on the exercise. I have started the exercise back in earnest and with my new workout partner I think it'll go ok from here on out. Penny has not been participating in the resolution ritual so I've kind of been doing this on my own. I have to say I'm rather proud at all I've done this year.

I'm really happy that we keep our time dedicated to one another. I know for a fact it's what keeps our marriage so good! Occasionally we don't get as much time as we really need, and you can tell that we need to be around one another. Our work schedules are actually day and night from one another so our friends and family know when I say I am spending the day with my spouse, I probably won't answer the phone or call you back, I'm busy and it's important. The people at work always make jokes that they know what we're up to on Fridays, but they don't know ALL we're up to as no one has made any hilarious jokes about dresses and heels.

I broke our agreement about Christmas gifts. I didn't mean to, but Penny did mention just a small something that she'd like to have and so I got it for her. I told her today that I got her a very small something. I know she thinks she has to go out and get something, but she doesn't (yes, I'm so evil I did hint at some things anyway). We got a mutual household present this year, a new tv, our old one died. We think it makes everything look so much prettier. LOL, it's our first "skinny" tv.

I'm rambling now because it's late and I just got home from a scrapbook crop. I just don't want to lay down and sleep. I had the nicest day with Penny and then some good creative time with silly ladies all playing with paper. I finished my Christmas Cards and addressed all the envelopes. They will go in the mail tomorrow. I love my homemade Christmas Cards.

I also made some pointsettia pins to wear and share:

Ok, I'm stopping now.


  1. Good luck with the fitness and study programs, stick with them in 2011, they are both rewarding.

  2. You have a great blog. I just found it via Petra, as she mentioned us both in Voyages en Rose. I feel like we have a bit in common. My semester ends this week. I hate cleaning, but my CDer and I are not married and don't live together, but he is a great help. I am supportive of my CDer, just like you. I look forward to reading more. I may even have to copy your resolution list!


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