Sunday, October 7, 2012

Putting a Pin in it ;)

I'm not sure how many of you have heard of a little place called Pinterest (pronounced like interest with a "p" on the front).  I orginally found out about Pinterest from my other life which has some deep roots in the scrapbook world. And just this week I wondered why I didn't have an Aeify (pronounced eye-fie) board to share with you ladies. So I made one :).

A little about how Pinterest works:

I am sure you are all savvy enough web browsers to use bookmarks, think of Pinterest as a place of visual bookmarks where other people share their bookmarks with you. Pinterest can also integrate with twitter and facebook (if you have a twitter or fb account already you can use these for Pinterest) and you CAN set them to automatically tweet or fb your new pins. It will ask if you want to install a little button on your toolbar and so when you are looking at things online, if you see something awesome like a makeup tutorial or a FAB pair of shoes that you may or may not buy, but don't want to forget you can just "pin it" with the button on your toolbar. This places said image on your own personal pinboard (you name your own boards and can have as many as you'd like). You also have the option to follow other's pinboards. You can follow all of their boards or just one that has things you like in it. You can repin somone else's pins to your own board and it'll tell you when people repin things of yours.

The reason I say it's like a bookmark is because if you click on the pin, it should link back to the original site/post so can have all the information of the pin. :)

I've just started setting up my fashion/ makeup pinboards. I think you'll enjoy them so I invite you to follow me I want to see what you ladies are into as well!

Hugs and have fun pinning!!

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