Tuesday, October 23, 2012

A Change Will Do Me Good!

Ah, it's almost here, just a few more weeks and I'll have a new address and zip code. It's going to be the farthest from my birth family that I've ever gone. I'm so excited! I've missed you ladies, but really I've had nothing exciting happening other than planning a move.

Things are busy and terribly exciting right now. I've given notice at the job I've had for the last five years. A job where people have already volunteered to drive up and bring me back here if I decide once I'm moved I don't like it :).

It's nice to feel wanted. I'm training replacements at work. They have hired a part time and a full time person to fill the position that I currently hold. The part time person is FAB! I wish he was the full timer. I have only trained the full time person for one day. I'm hoping today is better. I'm being positive :).

Hugs everyone! I hope you ladies are having a good fall!


  1. Good luck in your move! Look at it as an adventure! New job, new friends, new weather(?)

  2. Aeify,
    I wish you all the best with your move. I trust that it will work out well and that you will find the peace, dignity, honor and consideration that a person with as nice a heart as you deserves.

  3. I wish you all the luck you deserve. As I’ve gathered from our mutual friend Meg you’ll be her roommate, which is not that amazing to me looking at history. The moment I read the news at Meg’s, my i-tunes in random mode played the song which I once linked to you: Perfect Song by De Dijk & Solomon Burke, and I knew jig-saw puzzle pieces were truly interlocking. Love to you,


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