Sunday, September 23, 2012

Lemme know...

So I am loving the Unique character on Glee, I love the fact that she gets to be herself and is asserting her self in her femme form on the show! I do realize that I am sadly outnumbered here (or that if any of you readers are Gleeks, you are in the closet about that ;) ). I'm also mainlining the new Dr.Who thanks to my Netflix account. I am LOVING it!! And I know that Meg has made some references to the show a couple of times but I wanted to point out that the gender references start out early and it is pointed out that not all species view gender the way the human race does. I can't wait to get more into WHO, I'm just now starting the third season.

Hugs ladies!

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  1. You know Aeify, I have never seen the show! Sounds interesting, though. I work long hours and rarely even have time to watch television.

    Calie xx


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