Friday, November 16, 2012

At Last...

I can now see an end to the emptying of boxes, although that plus searching the interweb for a job have been my main activities this week. As you all know by now I have a roommate. You can just call her Meg ;)!

Things are great, except I brought WAY too much stuff into the apartment, LOL. We are enjoying one another's company and I'm liking the area. It's amazing how different it feels to be in a space that is completely new to me. There are no bad memories here and I've already had a job interview. It's nice to be able to contribute to a household and not worry about how "girly" my own items are, LOL!

I thank you all for the well-wishes and can't wait to fill you in on some fun adventures in the area!



  1. Life is rather amazing Aiefy.

    Can't wait to hear how things settle in for both of you in your new lives.

    Cheers - Petra

  2. Aeify -

    I already call her Meg.... ;-)

    Way too much stuff? That's what one usually does when moving. When my wife moved in with me in 1985, she brought enough furniture to fill a 1 BR apartment into another 1 BR apartment already holding a full complement of furnishings.

    And you are lucky to have a roommate who have no problem with how girly your stuff is. In fact, I think Meg may just prefer it....



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