Sunday, September 16, 2012

Hoarders ;)

So I'm not really a hoarder, there hasn't been a time that my home was filled with tiny paths to walk through, but when you start planning a move you think... how do I have so much stuff!!! This is even more surprising to ME based on the number of truckloads of stuff I have hauled away from this place since December of last year. It's been QUITE a FEW!

This weekend I've started gathering things for a yard sale. (Do you northern folks with no yards know what that is?) Basically I'm going to put a whole bunch of my belongings that I no longer want out for sale (at a friend's house because my neighborhood doesn't allow yard sales. And then I hope someone else can make treasure out of the things I no longer wish to have. I have several boxes of scrapbooking items, seasonal decorations that I no longer want, an embarrassing pile of cds and graphic novels, and some books, lots and lots of books. I'm sure I will come up with more, oh yes, there's that old coffee table that lives in my garage to go.

Marian ~ I'll let you know when I'm going to NYC, it's on my list of places to see for sure! 
Calie ~ I'm not sure about the House of Night books, but she is a massive reader (at times) so I'll check!

Everytime I've gotten rid of stuff I've felt that much free-er. It's been such an amazing experience. I know it's weird for the people who know me here, and it's hard for the people who've only known the married version of me because they think I'm not acting like myself, but it's EXACTLY what I'm doing. I am being me. The real me, the honest me. The brave me. The me that listens to her inner voice. I want you all to heed your inner voice. Way more bad things have happened in my life because I did't listen. She knows what she's talking about because her vision isn't limited to what she can see here and now. She sees beyond the physical.


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