Thursday, June 21, 2012

16 years ago today...

Sixteen years ago today, I was a bride. It was a lovely wedding in a country church in rural Alabama. I thought I knew almost everything about the man I was about to marry. I thought his biggest secret was that he liked wearing ladies undergarments every now and again. I was fascinated that he would do this, as I had thought it was so hot, ever since the first time I saw The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

I wish I had known everything, had done more research and had thought or known about being more supportive in those beginning years.

I am so thankful to have met so many wonderful and caring ladies over the last few years.

Hugs everyone. Today has been a good day overall. And I never expected that.


  1. Dear Aeify,
    from my point of view your wedding story sounds familiar.
    My spouse to be knew about and liked my love for all things feminine.
    It was an adventurous play to her as well as it was to me I have to confess.
    We both did not know to ask the right questions let alone to give any right answers.

    Now, after so many years she knows it means so much more to me and it’s hard for us to cope with our difference in appreciation, which is a euphemistic expression for the struggle we go through.

    Thank you for sharing your memories.
    Love to you.

  2. Celebrate the way you want this year and every year. And great little "Touched by a Horror" picture.


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