Tuesday, January 17, 2012

My adventures have started!

So I did it, I took off all by myself! I went to the desert. I've never really been anywhere in that direction before. Never been to a state I considered west, much less southwest. I'd never ridden a plane before alone (only had one previous trip by plane and that was to Disney World several years ago.) I travelled alone to Tucson, but met up with a special friend... the one and only Meg who showed me around a bit and made sure I ate too much (lol) and introduced me to some new friends... it was marvelous.

Because I knew I was meeting Meg, and with my own experience with Trans women, I decided to dress up more than I would normally. I'll go on a bit. In my own house, Penny tried to achieve that perfect "ladies who lunch" look. R could write the book on that look, and my own style tends to go towards, sloppy boho which I would love to read more as fab boho, but it's only recently that I cared enough to make myself up again...(I'm getting off topic here so I'll stop.) Anyways, I bought some dresses to wear on the trip (bought 3, took two that had sleeves, apparently it gets cold in the desert after dark) and wore what I think is a FAB purple dress for my trip there. I really should have asked someone for a photo, because I thought I looked good, and well... that made me feel GREAT!! (if anyone ever asks why you dress, tell them that looking good makes you feel good...it does!!)

Anyways, skipping a lot of things, other than the fact that a wrap dress can do wonders for your figure and wearing tall boots with heels that just leave a small gap for leg between the end of your skirt and the top of the boot is also a fab look, I found the desert to be a wonderful and magical place, that made me feel like anything is possible.

See (sorry for poor photo, my house is in a state of rebirth just like me and I could not locate an actual camera, so all my photos are iphone4 quality)

I made some new friends who were absolutely wonderful, and I was so happy that they didn't seem to think I was annoying as hell (don't know that I've ever mentioned that my laugh is kind of obnoxious, and I do it a lot... maybe I'd forgotten myself.) The only slight lull in conversation was when I mentioned that my spouse of 15 years died recently (and it was the shortest pause at that ever so far.) I hope this is the first of many adventures for the new Aeify this year, I am ready to spread my wings and find out more about this great wide world. I have been confined to the South for far too long!



  1. So two of my friends met and had a good time: I’m jealous ☺; no I mean, I’m happy for you dear Aeify

  2. I really enjoyed meeting you, and I think you and Larisa made a great connection too. You looked great! And you weren't annoying at all. :-)

  3. Oh, and I just realized that must be my car in the photo!


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