Thursday, December 8, 2011

And so it goes...

Life is a wonderful adventure. Wonderful and terrible. I really am doing quite well I think though at times I wonder if something must be wrong with me. Heartsick is what I feel when the bad times are upon me, but I am so relieved that my lovely Penny hurts no longer. I tried everything I knew to make her happy, to be supportive, to fight the fights that she couldn't. I had dinner with a special friend this evening who told me that she felt, could see that Penny and I had an amazing spiritual bond that is so rare and precious. She told me she felt like we were such a part of each other that I couldn't feel like Penny was gone.
And she was right. I feel the love surrounding and supporting me. I feel all the love and prayers from the ones that knew us.
I have always been able to accept love. I had to show my lover how to do it. It's as easy as just accepting that someone can love you. Can feel the same way. I love all of you ladies out there. I am finding that I need to just squeeze all of you in my arms because my Penny's arms are no longer here. I am virtually hugging you all right now and holding you close. For those of you that have been in touch, don't stop.



  1. There was such a feeling of love in every contact that Penny made. If there is some part of us that continues in the world when our physical presence is lost, it must be that love. If ever there was evidence that God is Love, we have it here with your testimony.
    Thank you for this blessing you have sent our way, and may Love forever hold you in the palm of Her hand Aeify.

  2. Aeify,

    I am so sorry for your loss.

    *Hugs tight*

    Rachel xxx

  3. I am sooo sorry! Please take care,


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