Sunday, January 30, 2011

Week by week.

So I've had a ton going on here with my new school semester (AWESOME semester what with learning to place an IV and clip and scrub for surgery, send up doggy prayers for our one and only because she got to be my pincushion last week even though my coworkers tried to guilt me out of it, LOL). That has been very exciting. I've been working on scrappy/ crafty projects and even impressed Penny with some of my flowers, I'll post one for you:

This is one I'm really proud of, but it is REALLY simple! Just paper and a some stuff called GlimmerMist.

I want to learn a  couple of other kinds of flowers, one of which I've never heard of anyone else making. I'll let you know how it turns out. I'd love to do something original!

There's been a bit of depression in the household lately and I'm trying my best to show my love and support in ways that aren't obtrusive. Sometimes it's hard to know what to say, but I am pretty sure she knows. 

Ok, this is starting to be way to reflective, has everyone gotten the emails from Ulta and Sephora so you know what's on sale for Valentine's Day? Also have you ladies experienced the European Bead Bracelet Craze? I am so freaking to have one of these lovlies, one of my scrappy friends showed up at a crop with a full bracelet and so last weekend I spent hours looking at all the different kinds of beads and bracelets you can get. There are fancy "name brand" ones like Troll and Pandora, but you can get other beads and that's what my scrappy friends were doing. They were just throwing caution to the wind and buying whatever beads they liked from places like

Let me know what you think of the bracelets, or what you are doing for your lovely self for the holiday of love. 

Let me share with you the most romantic thing I have ever gotten from Penny. One year I got a vase full of white tulips from her... it was February 16th (ok, now this is killing me it was either the 13th or the 16th but I'm 99 percent sure it was the 16th) with a card that read "Because I love you everyday."

I can't tell you how many jealous stares I got from the other ladies in the office, I also can't tell you how loved and special it made me feel. 

I love you so much Penny!



  1. The rose is so pretty.

    Seeing this takes me back to childhood, when my grandmother used to create rosebuds using ribbon.


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