Thursday, February 3, 2011

Thoughts on new hair...

So a couple of months ago Penny and I went shopping and we both got a wig. Hers was longer hair than mine, and both were flattering to us. She has worn hers a few times, and I've tried to wear mine, but when I did, my own hair kept showing in the back, I really needed to get my neck shaved a bit for it.
I needed a bit of a haircut anyway, it was starting to look lifeless and like just a thick wall of hanging crap (to me anyway). Don't get me wrong, I love when it's long but mostly so I can put it up LOL!
I told you there'd been depression in our house as well, right?

I got my haircut yesterday. A major haircut. I'm not one of those people who says she got it all cut off and then you see them and wonder if they had an entire inch taken off or what LOL!

Yesterday morning I kept trying to get it to lay down slick and smooth and it just WOULD NOT, for the second or third day in a row. I decided when I left the house for work I'd have it cut at lunchtime, really short. I was the first one to work with a key and when I got out of the car, the wind made sure to block my entire face with my hair so I announced to my coworkers that I was letting in that I would be getting a haircut. When asked how short, (no offense meant to anyone ok) I said "man short."

I went to my local walk in place that I have liked since my "regular" hairdresser fell off the face of the earth and told the girl I wanted ALL of it cut off (it WAS past my shoulders). She was so nice and pulled out some books (she didn't believe I wanted it really really short). I flipped a couple of pages and pointed to a style, she said "You really do want it all off." That was true so she started cutting, and cutting, and cutting some more. When she asked if the back was short enough, I pointed to the pic to have her take it up behind my ears.

It was awesome, I don't think there's a hair on my head that is two inches long now. It didn't turn out exactly like the pic, it wasn't as blunt as the pic on the sides, but it'll grow out, I can now wear my wig with no hair sticking out, and I washed my hair and towel dried it into looking great no brush required.


Penny, who is a daysleeper only got an email warning from me about this major change.

I hope she likes it, it usually takes a day or so for a drastic change like that to be taken in and evaluated, we've been married for long enough that I don't even try to guess how she feels about it ahead of time. I know I like it and that alone is good. She DOES think short hair is sexy. (Long hair btw is beautiful.)

I would also like to say that even though I have had short hair before, I don't think it has EVER been this short.



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