Sunday, January 23, 2011

Again, I should be sleeping.

Let me catch you up a little. Penny's first foray into the Pioneer Woman style of cooking was delicious and VERY spicy. We had a little talk about how generous to be when told to just add something that is known to be hot. I did like it though, and would eat it again right now! YUM the leftovers lasted a couple of days (hers are family recipes, not ones for just the two of us) and were even better the next day. I loved that it was chock full of pineapple and pepper and that the meatballs were so uniform in size.

That was the fun stuff...

Everything has been work and school. Not enough time with my lover. I need some quality time with her!



  1. Sounds yummy indeed. How is it some dishes are better on the next day? :-)

  2. Hi, my name is Helen. I have a blog like yourself, every now and again I look around to see what's new in our world and have discovered your blog. I hope we can share more between us?

    Let me know if you are interested?
    Hugs helen xx


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