Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Do not be alarmed...

So I am really, really ashamed that I haven't been posting or blog-hopping more lately. It's not that I don't want to, I just have a lot going on with work, some of it exciting and ALL of it STRESS-FULL!! I haven't been promoted to the position I've been working really hard for, but I do get to do a lot or all of that job everyday with the positions I've held prior thrown in and to say I'd like to go crawl under a rock and change my own name is an understatement!!  They've been "working" on hiring a couple of people for quite a while and now someone else just quit out of the blue. This really leaves us short- handed oh and to top things off, I am supposed to start training someone today and I have been summoned for jury duty starting tomorrow (or tomorrow is the first in a couple of steps anyway).

Penny and I have had a lot going on but none of it negative with one another. She's been having a rough time and though things are wonderful between us, my dear lover has had a really hard time of things in general. Finally things are on an upswing and I just don't think I should be more detailed than that. You girls know how that is right?
My hair is growning back really quickly (yay). I did like the cut but now it's at an awkward weird short Princess Di stage and I'd rather that be over soon.

Hugs everyone!


  1. Imagine that.. life getting in the way of blogging!

    Congrats on getting that very busy and stressful job that you want. :)

    Having to do your civic duty sucks... ah well.


  2. OK Aiefy, I am getting old, or maybe I need to make a rule that says "Commenting not allowed before you completely wake up!"... anyway, something told me to read your post again, and sorry to see you are doing so many jobs without really getting any of them. And to have to train someone too!

    As a new friend wrote on my own blog comments: "feel free to delete my ramblings" :)

    All the best!


  3. So good to hear that you and Penny are doing fine and thanks for your kind message.

    Hope the Princess Di stage passes soon. You must look like my sister in 1981 :-) Sounds like it will soon be over. I wish my hair would grow that fast. After a year plus it is only just starting to touch my shoulders. Oh well getting there I guess.

    Don't let them work you too hard ... Hugs

    Rachel xxx

  4. Congrats on the promotion!!! (and the hair!)

  5. Missed you and Penny, hang in there, and lets hope the tough times pass.

  6. Keep on that upswing, and don't let work get you down

  7. It is always nice to see a new blog entry even if all it is covering is the mundane existance of daily living the impacts all of us. We just like to check in from time to time to make sure you and Penny are doing OK.


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