Tuesday, March 25, 2014

What about now.

It's been over a year since my last post, and I'm really shocked at the stats on this blog. I am not sure if the readership is simply people stopping by to see if I'm still alive, or if their are new people finding their way here, looking for proof that there can be a relationship between a transgendered individual and one who is not. There can, there are people out there and thank the internets that a supportive community is able to thrive! Meetup is a great place to find groups that don't mind how you dress or present and will treat you according to your presentation. There are loads of non-creepy normal type people who will be your friend and heck, even date you. The world is getting more accepting and thank goodness. It's about time.

I'm still doing well. I like my life, it's on a nice even keel.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Meetups, Soirees and Swaps, OH MY!

I've now been to a few more clothing swaps, both with Meg and by myself. I've gone to some other meetup type group things alone, I'm working the job of my dreams, I've started to establish some real friendships here. All this is very, very exciting to me. I am happy. Really, really happy. My life here is peaceful and calm.
I loved my old job, but there was always a ton of drama that had NOTHING to do with my actual job there and it's just not present at my current place.

This weekend is another Soiree and I was asked to be the official/unofficial photographer and I LOVE having a job to do so... that suits me well!

I have to say that it also feels really good to be somewhat more involved with other members of the T community. I can't really put my finger on it, but it's nice to know there are places where everyone feels like they can really get out and be themselves. I am hopeful that with this group encouragement more people will get out of their "safe" places and mix about at other times.

When I was making plans to move here, I thought I'd be spending more time in the DC area, but I'm happily exploring NOVA and finding so much I like to do around here that I haven't really made it back to DC yet. I'm in no hurry, DC will still be there when it starts to get warmer and I can't wait to explore there when the weather is nice for taking long walks outside :).

Sunday, January 13, 2013

It's been a while.

I've had a lot going on. I found a job that I LOVE here and I'm learning and getting to do new things every day. I'm so very happy with where I am and how things are going. It's taking longer than I thought to get back into the little extras like blogging and crafting although I have done quite a bit of that. The holidays came and went. I spent them in Virginia. That was a big deal for me. And it was the right choice. For Thanksgiving I cooked all my favorite Thanksgiving foods, and I attempted a from scratch chocolate pie (it tasted good but wasn't as "set-up" as I'd have liked it to be). I spent most of the actual Christmas holiday waiting for the phone to ring to tell me that my father had passed (he didn't, he got better after all). Like I said, I made the right decision to stay at home.

Meg and I have been out several times doing fun things. We went to see Christine Lavin and Uncle Bonsai and you can read about it here. This weekend we went to a Geek Gamer meetup to play boardgames and it was SO much fun! I played two games I had never played before (1 was Pillars of the Earth and the other was a role playing game where you tried to pick out the traitors and I have NO idea what it was called). This was interesting because Meg was a bit concerned about wether or not she should "warn people" that she would be coming and I was of the ... just go opinion and everything was fine. People acted like we were both humans (which we are... wink). We also attended a gathering where I went as a +1. It was a T event where I was in a room full of sweet and lovely trans ladies. I'd never been in a crowd so large. I was proud to be one of several gg supporters there and hope that I get to go back again and meet the other ggs there. It seemed that people were at different places in their acceptance and I'd love to chat with them about their experiences. It seems a bit odd to me that with as many gurls as I know now that I don't know as many or even half as many significant others.

The new people to the group introduced themselves and told a bit about themselves to the group. As I still find it awkward to skirt around my past, and am just about a million times more comfortable letting people know, I told the super clipped version of the Penny story and ended it with how happy I am to be in VA and moving my life along. I always second guess telling people because really, everyone reacts differently and some people don't know how to take that version of news. But it's the truth, it makes me feel better than to skirt around any questions about what "might" have happened or why we are no longer together or to answer questions around a mystery death.

If you haven't gotten out with a crowd you are comfortable with, try Meetup.com. There are closed groups so that your privacy is protected. New things are good things.


As a side note, today marks one year of me taking back my life!

Friday, November 16, 2012

At Last...

I can now see an end to the emptying of boxes, although that plus searching the interweb for a job have been my main activities this week. As you all know by now I have a roommate. You can just call her Meg ;)!

Things are great, except I brought WAY too much stuff into the apartment, LOL. We are enjoying one another's company and I'm liking the area. It's amazing how different it feels to be in a space that is completely new to me. There are no bad memories here and I've already had a job interview. It's nice to be able to contribute to a household and not worry about how "girly" my own items are, LOL!

I thank you all for the well-wishes and can't wait to fill you in on some fun adventures in the area!


Tuesday, October 23, 2012

A Change Will Do Me Good!

Ah, it's almost here, just a few more weeks and I'll have a new address and zip code. It's going to be the farthest from my birth family that I've ever gone. I'm so excited! I've missed you ladies, but really I've had nothing exciting happening other than planning a move.

Things are busy and terribly exciting right now. I've given notice at the job I've had for the last five years. A job where people have already volunteered to drive up and bring me back here if I decide once I'm moved I don't like it :).

It's nice to feel wanted. I'm training replacements at work. They have hired a part time and a full time person to fill the position that I currently hold. The part time person is FAB! I wish he was the full timer. I have only trained the full time person for one day. I'm hoping today is better. I'm being positive :).

Hugs everyone! I hope you ladies are having a good fall!

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Putting a Pin in it ;)

I'm not sure how many of you have heard of a little place called Pinterest (pronounced like interest with a "p" on the front).  I orginally found out about Pinterest from my other life which has some deep roots in the scrapbook world. And just this week I wondered why I didn't have an Aeify (pronounced eye-fie) board to share with you ladies. So I made one :).

A little about how Pinterest works:

I am sure you are all savvy enough web browsers to use bookmarks, think of Pinterest as a place of visual bookmarks where other people share their bookmarks with you. Pinterest can also integrate with twitter and facebook (if you have a twitter or fb account already you can use these for Pinterest) and you CAN set them to automatically tweet or fb your new pins. It will ask if you want to install a little button on your toolbar and so when you are looking at things online, if you see something awesome like a makeup tutorial or a FAB pair of shoes that you may or may not buy, but don't want to forget you can just "pin it" with the button on your toolbar. This places said image on your own personal pinboard (you name your own boards and can have as many as you'd like). You also have the option to follow other's pinboards. You can follow all of their boards or just one that has things you like in it. You can repin somone else's pins to your own board and it'll tell you when people repin things of yours.

The reason I say it's like a bookmark is because if you click on the pin, it should link back to the original site/post so can have all the information of the pin. :)

I've just started setting up my fashion/ makeup pinboards. I think you'll enjoy them so I invite you to follow me I want to see what you ladies are into as well!

Hugs and have fun pinning!!

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Lemme know...

So I am loving the Unique character on Glee, I love the fact that she gets to be herself and is asserting her self in her femme form on the show! I do realize that I am sadly outnumbered here (or that if any of you readers are Gleeks, you are in the closet about that ;) ). I'm also mainlining the new Dr.Who thanks to my Netflix account. I am LOVING it!! And I know that Meg has made some references to the show a couple of times but I wanted to point out that the gender references start out early and it is pointed out that not all species view gender the way the human race does. I can't wait to get more into WHO, I'm just now starting the third season.

Hugs ladies!